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Whenever the following words and phrases appear in these Terms & Conditions, they will have the following meaning:

  • Home: means your place of residence being your private domestic dwelling . Excludes outside areas, including your gardens, lawn, outbuildings, borders and driveways.

  • Workplace: means your place of work including and building used for commercial use under your registered address, on Cymatics Plumbing Solutions form. Excludes outside areas, including your garden lawn, outbuildings, borders and driveways.

What your agreement includes:

  • 'Parts and Labour'

  • Subject to the terms of your agreement. Under Cymatic Plumbing Solutions fixed fee, every call out is covered under your membership fee.

  • No limit to the number of call-outs to breakdowns and emergency's.

  • Priority service to those in greater need.

  • Getting to your system (where shown).

  • A customer helpline available 24 hours a day, every day. Call/Txt/Whatsapp +1868 365 2985.

  • Advice about your system from our engineers, during our visit.

We base your agreement on the description of the systems described on the Cymatics Plumbing Solutions forms.

1. Cymatics Plumbing Solutions policy's include:

Workmanship guarantee:

All works carried out by or on behalf of Cymatics Plumbing Solutions are warranted for three (3) months for Pay as you Go (Only benefit for the 3 month. Terms and Condition only applies from point of contact and will be stated on quotation for Pay as you Go customers. Pay as you Go customers, (Do not have the same benefit of Gold or Platinum memebers), minimum Six (6) months for Gold membership, minimum Twelve (12) months for Platinum membership from the completion date of these works.

This warranty is issued in the event that the workmanship employed in the completion of the contract of works should it be defective in any way. The cover extends to all work by Cymatics Plumbing Solutions and contractors appointed to perform the contract of works on their behalf. (This does not affect your statutory rights).

The warranty is valid on the requirements that:

  • Only those works carried out by contractors appointed by Cymatic Plumbing Solutions are covered by this guarantee.

  • Cymatic Plumbing Solutions agree to rectify any defects, which can be proven to be the result of poor workmanship, providing your notification is given immediately upon discovering a fault. Customers must not try to rectify any defects without consulting Cymatic Plumbing Solutions.

  • All faulty parts and components are subject to the manufacturers guarantee(s) and do not form part of this guarantee. A copy of any manufacturer guarantee can be obtained from the appointed contractor upon request.

  • The terms of this warranty cannot be changed under any circumstances.

  • All benefits under this warranty are forfeited if a false or fraudulent claim is made.

  • It is expressly agreed and declared that Cymatic Plumbing Solutions shall be release from all liability and obligation should the conditions of the warranty not be complied with fully by the customer.

  • A valid Cymatic Plumbing Solutions receipt must be presented showing that the 3 month / 6 month or 12 month warranty was offered on the installation in question.

  • This does not include periodic inspections.

2. There shall be no liability under this guarantee in respect if the following:

  • Fair wear and tear.

  • Any defect arising where any work has been carried out by a third party unless prior approval of Cymatic Plumbing Solutions is provided.

  • Any damage or defect caused by a peril capable of being insured under a household or similar policy of insurance whether such insurance is effective or not.

  • Any defect caused by accidents, abnormal conditions, malicious intent, neglect or external sources beyond the control of Cymatic Plumbing Solutions or their appointed contractor after an installation or repair.

  • Any damage or defect caused by misuse or tampering.

3. Gaining access to your property:

We will let you know when it is time to carry out a service. It is your responsibility to arrange appointments and to let us into your property. If we cannot gain access to your property, we will be unable to carry out the necessary work. If this happens, we will tell you so that you may arrange another appointment. If you do not arrange an appointment or we cannot gain access, your agreement will continue even though we have been unable to carry out the service. If, after several attempts, you have not made an appointment or we still cannot gain access, we many cancel your agreement. We will tell you in writing if this is the case.



If you have any questions or concerns about our agreement, please contact us on
(+1868) - 365 - 2985.

4. Plumbing services

A. What is included:​

Plumbing and Drains:

This service is for diagnosing faults and repairs where possible in your Home or Workplace:

  • Hot and cold water pipes from the mains stopcock inside your Home leading to your taps (including garden taps);

  • Your cold water storage tank.

  • Leaking overflow pipes.

  • CV standard ball valves and toilet siphon.

  • Hot water cylinders and immersion heaters.

  • Washing machines, dishwasher, hot and cold flexible pipes (as long as they are installed to the manufacturer's instructions).

  • Unblocking, repairing and getting to waste drainage pipes, or rainwater drains, inside your Home (for example, unblocking sinks) and within the boundary of your property (up to where it is connected to the public or shared drains connection, if you are responsible for this) to restore flow.

B. What is not included:

  • Repairing or replacing taps and washers in taps.

  • ​ Repairing or replacing the mains cold water stopcorck, water softeners, shower pumps and mixer valves, combined overflow and pop up waste mechanism, mechanical pumps, water filters, swimming pools decorative decorative garden deatures, rainwater pipes and guttering macerators such as Saniflo and electrical units for toilets.

  • Repai​ring or replacing manholes, soakaways, septic tanks, cesspits, treatment plants and their outflow pipes.

  • Regularly cleaning your drains.

  • Repairing or unblocking drains shared with another property or properties.

  • Repairing or unblocking drains which are just used for commercial purposes.

  • Repairing or replacing any lead or steel pipes. Please also see the ' General Exclusions'.


5. General Exclusions:

Your agreement does not include the following:

5.1 Design or existing faults:

We will not include the cost of repairs needed because of design faults (unless we are responsible), or faults which existed before you entered into the agreement or which we could not identify as a fault that has just occured.

5.2 Third-party or accidental damage:

We will not include the cost of repairs relating to damage caused by you or someone else.

5.3 Consequential loss:

Unless we are responsible for it, we will not include loss or damage to property (including any cleaning needed) caused by the appliance or system break down or leaking (for example, damage to furniture caused by water leaks). If we have to dig on your property we will fill in any holes and leave the surface level but we will not necessarily replace the original surface or construction. Any redecoration that may be needed following our work is your responsibility, unless we have been negligent.

5.4 Normal insured risks:

We will not include the cost of repairing faults or damage caused by sevear weather conditions (except certain repairs included in subsidence, structural repairs, accident, fire, lightning, explosion, flood or storm. You should check your household insurance to make sure you have enough cover for these risks.


5.5 Other:

  • Replacing appliances, bathroom fixtures, showers and sanitary ware.

  • Upgrades which you may want to have carried out to improve your system.

  • Replacing or repairing parts that do not affect how the system or appliance works or decorative or specialist parts.

  • Resetting controls (for example, thermostats and programmers following changes dues to  summer).

  • Repairing faults or clearing physical blockages (blockages such as rubble, sludge and scale, but not air locks) if we have told you permanent repairs or improvements are needed to make sure your appliance or system works properly, We will only tell you this if, in our expert opinion, it is necessary.

  • Removing asbestos associated with repairig the appliance or system. When you have had any asbestos removed, you must give us a clean-air certificate before we will do any further work at your property. By law, the person who removes the asbestos must give you a clean-air certificate.

  • Cash alternatives for repair or maintenance.

  • Repairing any damage caused by our work or redecorating, unless we or our agents have been negligent or broken this agreement.

  • The cost of repairing damage or breakdowns caused by changes to, or problems with, the  electricity or water services.

  • Commencing and/or continuing services where we reasonably consider that there is a Health & Safety risk including: the presence of; hazardous materials: infestations: or harassment of our personnel including verbal or physical abuse. We will not recommence work until the Health & Saftey risk has been rectified to our satisfaction.


6. About your agreement:

6.1 Service coverage:

There a few areas in Trinidad and Tobago and the other Caribbean Islands we do not cover, if we are unable to provide cover for you we will let you know during your application.

6.2 Period of agreement:

Your agreement runs until you tell us that you would like to cancel, or if we can cancel the the agreement (see 'Cancellation'). You may cancel the agreement at any time. We will write to tell  you about any changes to the terms and conditions or prices. Please read the 'Minimum charges' below.

6.3 Start date and payment:

Your agreement begins when we process your application. Following your first payment (usually by Direct Debit), payments for your agreement will fall due monthly.

6.4 Moving home:

If you are moving home, please notify us as soon as possible about  any change of address. Once we receive new address details from you for your new home we will automatically transfer your agreement to this new address unless you inform us otherwise. We will arrange a First Service for your new home.

6.5 Cancellation:

After 12 months your membership contract can be cancelled by writing to us via Email;

We may cancel your agreement in the following circumstances:

  • If we give you reasonable notice.

  • If you have given false information.

  • If you do not make an agreed payment.

6.6 Fair Use Policy:

Under our Fair Use Policy we may cancel our agreement with you if we think you are miss using the services.  the objective of the Fair Use Policy is to ensure fair use.

6.7 Minimum charges:

If you you cancel your agreement with us before the agreed time period (12 months) we will let you know what is the minimum charge for the period.

6.8 Safety advice:

We may advise you that permanent repairs or part may need changing to make your system safe.

6.9 Spare parts:

If we do not carry all spare parts to you repair you  .......

6.10 Getting to your system (excluding...:

We include our cost up to 1 hour, for each job....

6.11 Third -party rights:

Nobody other than you will be able to benefit from the membership service.

6.12 Our Responsibilities:

We will meet our responsibilities under this agreement.

6.13 Quarterly/Half yearlyAnnual Service:

We will normally carry out the Quarterly/Half yearly/Annual Service around the same time each year, we will always rearrange if the time of the year is not convenient for your Quarterly/Half yearly/Annual Service when it is due.

6.14 Gaining access to your property:

We will let you know when it is time to carry any service, so arrangements can be made to gain access to your property.

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