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For all your service design & build needs, call us first;
  •    Interior / Exterior decorating
  •    Painting Interior & External
  •    Air Conditioning         
  •    Plumbing
  •    Tilling 
  •    Flooring
  •    Electrical
  •    Landscaping​ / Grass cutting
  •    Carpentry​
  •    Scaffolding
  •    Roofing / Ceiling
  •    Transportation large & small
  •    Pond / Pool
  •    Water Fountain
  •    Irrigation system
  •    Sprinkler System (Fire)
  •    Solar Energy
  •    Jet washing
  •    Fire Hose
  •    Guttering
Plumbing Services include;-
All sizes of plumbing installations, maintenance & repairs
  •     Plumbing system failures
  •     Water Heaters installation
  •     ​Gas work
  •     Water Filter installation
  •     Plumbing system design
  •     Washing machine
  •     Remodeling Plumbing
  •     Kitchen & bathroom
  •     Waste disposals
  •     Hot water problems
  •     Pipework replacement
  •     Water tank & pump
Please note: If there is something that is not detailed here please just give us a call or email and we would be happy to advise you on any matter.
Drainage Services;-​
Our experienced building service engineer teams are experts in dealing professionally with all types of drainage blockages from waste pipes to main drains cleaning and unblocking​.
  •    Blocked drains
  •    Blocked sinks
  •    Blocked toilets
  •    Blocked baths
  •    Blocked showers
  •    Emergency repairs
We guarantee all our labour which starts from 3 months. We can extend longer periods of warranty depending on the size of the job.
All our costs and guarantees are straightforward, at the time you book in your work, we will tell you exactly the breakdown charges before we start, so, no surprises.
For more details about any of our plumbing services or to book a service engineer, get in touch by Email or Whatsapp:- 365-2985

Second Opinion;-​

We at Cymatic Plumbing Solutions have put together a package that reduces the chance of  you being treated unfairly by any service company, ​
It states:​
"If a service company,  give a diagnosis for a plumbing service and to fix the problem you think the price they have quoted is expensive or the diagnosis for the work required is not what you thought?  Call us for a free second opinion."​
Your only requirement is to provide us with details from the service company that outlines the diagnosis.​ we have been more than encouraged by our findings, 1 out of 2 of the first opinions that we examined were incorrect.

We are committed to providing second opinion, a service engineer will come to your property to get your request first by what you need or by what you want to fulfill your needs.​

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